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I have a mouth about as big as this obnoxious "Who Am I" block. My designer came up with this idea with no worries about this being obnoxious, at all. OR, he really has my number. Ok, now that I'm thinking about it he may know how comfortable I am being a little "too much" and a bit "absurd."

In that last sentence, "too much" feels right with quotes, but absurd doesn't, but I couldn't leave it hanging around out there without the quotes. It wasn't balanced. This probably tells you more about me than I am comfortable sharing.

You gotta surround yourself with people who get you. That's all I'm really saying. Also, that's never going to be "all I'm saying." I have a LOT of opinions and I'm DYING to share them with you. I love having meaningful conversations with people who are doing interesting things. Sometimes, people pay me to have these conversations. I seem to have a knack for business coaching. If you'd like to see what I've got....

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"I help growing businesses grow faster"


I love helping people increase their ability to generate leads and then ask for the business.

Too many wonderful entrepreneurs go out of business because of a fear of sales.

Together, we can fix that. 


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Do you need a daily dose of inspiration? Yeah, I do some of that. Mostly, I try to walk the line between awkward truth, painful truth and the absurdity of our inner-dramas. It's more fun than it sounds. Really. I try throw some funny stuff in to make the medicine go down. Your hearing that song in your head now, aren't you?

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April Wier is a digital strategist, business trainer/coach, and speaker. She is the Director of Sugar Five Design and the Lead Instructor at Local Service Academy. She also runs the Woodstock WordPress Meetup. She really loves WordPress.

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